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Read the Winter 2021 Gold Papers from graduate students out of Colorado State University!

Ellie Ellis, Yusef Farrah, Jessica Hill, Kara McIver, Marissa Metz, Ikaia Leleiwi, Raj Trikha and Luke Whitcomb contributed to the Winter 2021 Gold Papers. Topics covered include:

  • Solar Cells as an Energy Device
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Food Communities and our Gut Microbiota
  • Healthcare Inequality
  • Chronic Pain and Neuroplasticity

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Read the Fall 2020 Gold Papers from graduate students out of the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department. The Gold Papers are a CSU flavored spinoff to White Papers, which aim to summarize current research and perspectives.

Caitlin Clark, Kayl Ecton, Jessica Hill, Kara McIver, Raj Trikha, and Emily Woolf contributed to the Fall 2020 Gold Papers. Topics covered include:

  • Nutrients in cocoa: is chocolate really a healthy food?
  • Obesity and disease: consequences of complacency.
  • Childhood nutrition: are Colorado kids as healthy as we think?
  • COVID-19 and nutrition: what to know in the pandemic.

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